Supported living services

There are several accommodations which can be explored – one may even be your own home.  It may be that you need some extra support which may include personal care, medication management or day to day care such as cooking and meal preparation.

Supported living services could be an option if you do not want to live in residential care and maybe you are finding it difficult to cope at home.

Supported living homes usually have multiple rooms and the property can be shared by two or three people with similar health problems; such as substance misuse or a particular disability such as a learning disability or autism.  This will however be assessed based on each individual’s needs.

Carers will visit to provide care and support.  Carers work in many forms-

  • They can visit your own home to help you get out of bed, go out to college or work, and do simple tasks such as shopping, housework and repairs. They can also help with administrative tasks and personal care.
  • They can visit a supported living home.  They may visit at certain times, do a shift such as 9am-5pm or they may provide 24-hour care, again, this will be assessed based on each individuals needs

Why choose supported living services?

Supported living services offer:

  • flexibility
  • better value for money than other alternatives
  • Gain independence whilst receiving support

It may be that you fund your own care, receive a personal budget or personal health budget.

Is supported living regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC)?

The answer is, the property is not regulated by the Care Quality Commission, but any personal care an individual receives – such as help with washing and dressing or medication management – is regulated by the CQC.  This care must be delivered by a registered homecare agency or provider, not by the housing owner or operator.

Is the service right for us?

You may have heard about supported living services during a needs assessment.  Supported living services can be provided by the local council, charities or they may be run by commercial companies.

Social services will identify your local supported living services if they deem your needs suitable for this service.

If a supported living service arrangement isn’t suitable for you, you may still want to think about personal care at home, wherever you live, and other help, such as household equipment to make your life easier or home adaptations.

Finding out more about supported living services

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